Agent Online Personal/Residential Referral Service

Once your registration is approved and you have set up search criteria, you will be able to access FMAP's online service to locate consumers that match your carrier(s) specific eligibility requirements.

Our online service is designed to match consumers requests with agents who may be able to provide insurance coverage for houses, condominiums, mobile homes, townhouses, apartments, etc. that are for personal, rental or vacation use in the private insurance market. You can search the FMAP database real-time or use the program's automated search feature that will notify you nightly when consumer requests match your specific search criteria. Access to update your record(s) is available to you at any time using the user ID and password.

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When you register, you are required to provide contact information (DFS license number, social security number, name, address, phone number) and set up a password. Your User ID will automatically be assigned and will be your DFS license number.

Once you enter your contact information, you will need to add search criteria that reflect what your private market carriers can cover. Make sure you click on the ADD SEARCH link in the REGISTERED SEARCH CRITERIA box and answer a series of questions about the properties you are able to insure with your PRIVATE carriers. You may save up to 10 different searches. This criteria will screen consumer requests in the FMAP system. You MUST add search criteria, which will match you with consumer's requests, if you want free leads from FMAP. YOU MAY NOT PLACE ANY LEAD YOU RECEIVE FROM FMAP IN CITIZENS OR SURPLUS LINES CARRIERS.

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FMAP referrals must be placed with admitted market carriers. You are prohibited from placing these leads with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Insurance or surplus lines carriers.

  • Access to the FMAP system is provided to users with a user name and password.
  • The FMAP database logs user information for changes made to any FMAP data.
  • Do not share or provide your account information to any unauthorized user.
  • If you have an individual account, you should not give your login information to anyone.
  • Users should log off the system when finished.
  • If you experience a login error message or have a concern regarding data integrity problems please contact . Copy and paste any error message in the email, and include a detailed description of the activity that resulted in the error or data issue.